#38 - Japan road improvement - North Mutsu 陸奥国 (Archived)

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This project was archived.

Part of Japan road improvement series

Created by PlaneMad - Updated - Priority: medium


Entities to Map
Changeset Comment
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Task Setup

Set imagery offset

  • Add the Japan GSI Satellite layer
  • In areas without GSI coverage, match Bing imagery to Strava GPS using offset
  • In areas with no GSI or Strava coverage, set Bing offset to 0,0

Add filter

  • Create a new JOSM filter to hide non highway data boundary: | leisure: | landuse: | waterway: | sport: |amenity: | natural:|building: | admin_level: | power: | place: | type:relation | aeroway:

Add Map paint style

  • From JOSM Map settings, add a new map paint style with url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mapbox/mapping/master/JOSM/data-qa.mapcss to highlight roads with no names


Tracing Sources

  • Japan GSI Orthorectified Satellite: http://cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp/xyz/ort/{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg
  • Bing (offset)
  • Mapbox Satellite (offset)

Reference Sources

  • Strava Globalheat: http://globalheat.strava.com/tiles/both/color3/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png
  • OSM GPS : http://{switch:a,b,c}.gps-tile.openstreetmap.org/lines/{z}/{x}/{y}.png
  • Japan GSI Map 2012 http://cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp/xyz/std2012/{z}/{x}/{y}.png


Pass 1. Move existing data - Select and move the data in the area to best match the imagery - If no match is possible, delete the highlighted roads with no names and retrace the area from imagery - Delete imported roads with no match to imagery - Mark task as done

Pass 2.Road tracing - Go through realigned tasks and invalidate to commence road tracing - Trace missing roads and tracks from imagery and mark as finished

Edge cases - If imagery has cloud cover, unlock the task and comment Imagery not usable - cloud cover

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