#99 - Dug Wells for Drought Monitoring

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This project is an attempt to create a map of dugwells across the district. Each dugwell will simply have the tags 'man_made:water_well' and 'type:dugwell'. The data created here can potentially be used for granular drought monitoring in combination with remote sensing imagery. This is an attempt at a Proof of Concept.

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> Mark out dug wells visible in imagery with the tags 'man_made:water_well' and 'type:dugwell'. Locate your mark as close to the centre of the well as possible.

> It isn't mandatory to find all dugwells, even 2-3 in each village can serve as indicators. Some dugwells are visible at zoom level 17 or 18 that aren't visible in level 19 (highest zoom level) If you mark a few dugwells, but some remain,DO NOT mark the task as complete.

> Dugwells are most likely to be near settlements or agricultural land. They usually follow the stream/river banks. Hence you can place emphasis on these areas and less emphasis on other land classes such as forests, grasslands, etc.

> Do make an attempt at locating Dugwells even in drier areas. These are likely to be fewer in number but they could nevertheless be useful in understanding drought in dry areas.

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